[Ironruby-core] Friday Status Update

John Lam (IRONRUBY) jflam at microsoft.com
Sat May 3 00:28:45 EDT 2008

Michael Letterle:

> I've been looking at what it would take to start using byte arrays
> rather then strings for the backing store for MutableString.  It's one
> heck of a rabbit hole, I can get it /almost/ working... either I fail
> one spec, or three... and they're totally different.  Anyway, if noone
> else is working on it I'll continue to see what I can do, this is
> related to the zlib issue with binary files (or actually any file that
> contains bytes over 127 potentially) as data is passed around as
> strings and not byte arrays.
> Oh and I hope to implement actual compression sometime soon.. just
> need to block out some time.

Tomas has spent quite some time looking at a dual byte-array + char-array MutableString implementation. It was sitting in his work queue to tackle after his current work on eval and blocks. Perhaps you could share some of your findings with him around the zlib integration effort so that we don't duplicate our efforts?


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