[Ironruby-core] Ruby Design Meeting 4/30

Charles Oliver Nutter charles.nutter at sun.com
Thu May 1 12:40:14 EDT 2008

John Lam (IRONRUBY) wrote:
> Michael Letterle:
>> The most important topic that's immediately relevant is probably the
>> decision that all implmentations will use RUBY_ENGINE to report which
>> implementation they are, in all lowercase with no spaces. It seems
>> pretty obvious that IronRuby would be "ironruby".  Attached is a patch
>> implementing that.
> Unfortunately, that time works out horribly for me since that's when I put the boys to bed. Thanks for sending around the notes - I've already applied your patch to my local copy here.

John, you should definitely bring this up on the list. Nobody replied to 
Matz's last message about the second meeting, so we went forward. The 
next meeting is scheduled for the 15th/16th at the same time of day. If 
the time doesn't work, it can be adjusted. But you need to let ruby-core 
know...we miss you!

- Charlie

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