[Ironruby-core] SVN r118 and RubySpec integration

John Lam (IRONRUBY) jflam at microsoft.com
Mon Jun 30 19:58:56 EDT 2008

I just pushed SVN r118 out which contains RubySpec integration. There are a few things that you'll need to do:

1.       (Optional) get a GitHub account (http://github.com)

2.       (Optional) install GIT:

a.       Goto the msysgit project and download the .exe based installer: http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/

b.      Make sure in the GIT setup that you click on the radio button labeled "Run Git from the Windows Command Prompt"

c.       Restart your command prompt

3.       Navigate to my page: http://github.com/jflam to see the three GIT projects that you'll need to clone: ironruby-tags, mspec, and rubyspec. mspec and rubyspec are forks of the main projects so that we can add IronRuby specific tests and potential changes to mspec. The RubySpec committers can pull from these repositories to incorporate our changes. ironruby-tags is a project that contains the list of rubyspec specs that we currently exclude to get a clean regression baseline.

4.       If you have GIT installed, create a directory to hold these projects. I use %USERPROFILE%\dev:

a.       in ~\dev\ironruby-tags run: git clone git://github.com/jflam/ironruby-tags.git

b.      in ~\dev\mspec run: git clone git://github.com/jflam/mspec.git

c.       in ~\dev\rubyspec run: git clone git://github.com/jflam/rubyspec.git

5.       If you don't have GIT installed (and why don't you??? :)) you can download the tarball using the download button in each project.

Once you have those projects in place, you'll need to grab r118 from RubyForge. There's a file in \trunk called runfirst.cmd. This will enable skip verification for projects signed with our public key, and it will create a default configuration file at %USERPROFILE%\.irconfig.rb.

If you followed my instructions and created %USERPROFILE%\dev\[ironruby-tags,mspec,rubyspec] you're good to go. If you didn't, you'll need to edit the paths in .irconfig.rb

You can test your setup by running the new regression test baseline rake task:

rake regression

This should report 0 failures and 0 errors.

This is the first test of this stuff outside of my machine, so please kick the tires!


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