[Ironruby-core] Code Review: mspec-12

Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
Thu Jun 26 19:29:44 EDT 2008

Test issues:
* Instead of testing for ENV["HOME"] with
    unless ENV["HOME"].nil?
  why not use
    if ENV["HOME"]
  it's a little more idiomatic.

* All of the _spec.rb.txt files have been renamed to _tags.txt. You'll need to fix your changeset for that.
* The new rakefile doesn't allow testing methods directly. Any reason? Also, I'd prefer to keep the test tasks namespaced for organization sake. Can you at least move them into the mspec namespace with the rest of the mspec tasks? I'll remove redundant tasks later.


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> Subject: [Ironruby-core] Code Review: mspec-12
> tfpt review "/shelveset:mspec-12;REDMOND\jflam"
> Fixes to enable RubySpecs running in SNAP
>   - Implementation of Kernel#exec
>   - Fixes bugs in Kernel#exit! - calling incorrect overload
>   - Implementation of Kernel#printf
>   - Fixes bug in setting visibility of methods defined through attr_*
> methods (now public)
>   - Adds overloads for File#open to handle name, modenum case and fixes
> a big in how IO#open was delegating to File constructors
>   - Defines a FileTestOps class (does nothing right now)
>   - Adds a Process#euid method that always returns 0 (need to
> understand whether detecting admin under windows is possible /
> realistic using this method)
>   - Adds a RUBY_PATCHLEVEL constant and sets it to 0
>   - Fixes bug in exit n where we were failing to return n as exit code
>   - Added a new RubyTestKey.snk which just contains our public key - in
> preparation for removing transform for SIGNED in to_svn rake task
>   - A few baseline exclusion changes for existing specs

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