[Ironruby-core] say['love'] = "*love*" fails

Ben Hall ben2004uk at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 21 08:57:51 EDT 2008


I just wanted to quickly write some Ruby code to see if my hosting
worked.  Went onto the main ruby site and copied this block of code:

# Output "I love Ruby"
say = "I love Ruby"
puts say

# Output "I *LOVE* RUBY"
say['love'] = "*love*"
puts say.upcase

# Output "I *love* Ruby"
# five times
5.times { puts say }

When I tried this it failed:
>>> say['love'] = "*love*"
:0:in `Initialize##1': undefined local variable or method `say' for main:Object

I first thought this might have been because the console doesn't
support local variables and have some other problems going on. So I
tried this:

>>> $say['love'] = "*love*"
:0:in `Initialize##11': undefined local variable or method `[]=' for :NilClass (

Why isn't this working?



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