[Ironruby-core] Wondering how many will go with C#, after IronRuby arrives

Robert Bazinet rbazinet at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 11:20:28 EDT 2008

Most corporate .NET developers live with their heads in the sand.
IronRuby/Python are for a niche set of higher-level and often multi-platform
developers, not your everyday "mort" which we find all too often.

These developers often use VS IDE as a crutch instead of understanding the
underlying libraries.  The .NET framework is huge so this is tough to do BUT
those who have been working with Ruby get used to the TextMate style of
coding and it works.  Once you are competant in the base Ruby libraries you
are very efficient using TextMate.

I am sure once Silverlight DLR and IronRuby is fully baked then we will see
MS promote it better but it will never be a C#, simply for the mort factor.

-Rob Bazinet

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 11:09 AM, Softmind Technology <lists at ruby-forum.com>

> Curtis Mitchell wrote:
> > 3. IMO, most .NET developers know very little about Ruby and even less
> > about
> > IronRuby right now.
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> Hi Curtis,
> I totally agree with you. I have checked with many .Net developers and
> very few are aware of IronRuby. IronPython 2.0 has reached beta 2.0
> stage and yet its not promoted by DLR team.
> I have observed that Microsoft is in no mood to promote IronRuby at all.
> There are hardly few blogs seen regarding IronRuby and whatever blogs i
> have seen are from IronRuby lovers and contributors.
> Asp.Net team has ignored many requests of starting a section for
> IronRuby on Asp.Net Forums
> On one hand they invite experts like Jim and John to work for Ironpython
> and IronRuby, and on the other hand they ignore/waste their efforts by
> not promoting it.
> All i smell is something fishy in the case of DLR languages.
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