[Ironruby-core] Wondering how many will go with C#, after IronRuby arrives

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Wed Jun 18 11:18:36 EDT 2008

Joe Fiorini wrote:

> Along those lines, I feel the need to mention that MS has already said 
> they
> are not going to be marketing IronRuby at all.  They will put it out 
> there
> and it will be up to us to market it. 

Hi Joe,

Very sad news indeed. I always had the same feeling about IronRuby being 
neglected badly by MSFT.

Can you kindly post that link here that says "MS shall not be marketing 
IronRuby at all."

Mr John Lam, What do you have to say here....?
I am not dragging you in this conversation, just hoping you can focus 
and clear few doubts about the future of IronRuby with MS.

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