[Ironruby-core] Wondering how many will go with C#, after IronRuby arrives

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Wed Jun 18 10:48:13 EDT 2008

Mike Moore wrote:
> I think you *need *an IDE like Visual Studio for writing ASP.NET MVC web
> apps because ASP.NET MVC is a web framework written for C#. Even if you 
> use
> a different language like Python or Ruby. 
Hi Mike,

Just Curious, what makes you say that Asp.Net MVC is a framework written 
for C# only. I think its for all 4 languages working with .Net ( 
C#,Vb.Net, IronRuby and Ironpython and very soon F# as the fifth 
language )

Whats IronRuby community suppose to do, if VS 2008 does not support 
IronRuby and IronPython....?

Does MSFT / DLR Team, really think that VS2008 is a must for C# and 
Vb.Net only...?

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