[Ironruby-core] Wondering how many will go with C#, after IronRuby arrives

Ryan Belcher lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Jun 18 10:26:46 EDT 2008

Rahil Kantharia wrote:
> Josh Charles wrote:
>> I have to agree with Mike here.  Ruby development with TextMate (a
>> text editor only) works wonderfully, but I would be hesitant to
>> develop C# applications in the same way.
>> On the other hand, one thing that will be really nice is to have a
>> debugger that works easily, and at least similar to the one in Visual
>> Studio.
> ----------------------------------
> Majority of IronRuby developers will be using Ironruby for web designing 
> purpose, and working with Asp.Net MVC with IronRuby, a good IDE like VS 
> Express is a must.
> For a plain Ruby development even "Scite" and "Netbeans 6.1" are the 
> best choice around. Even NotePad can solve that problem, but its hardly 
> used.
> But when it comes to Asp.Net MVC with IronRuby, one cannot survive 
> without a great IDE, thats sure.

There are aspects of Ruby that make IDE's both far more complicated and 
far more useful.  Consider working with ActiveRecord.  There's no 
denying that it would be nice to have Intellisense-like autocompletion 
for your AR objects if, for example, you forgot the name of one of your 
fields.  (Sure you can keep a schema file open if you have 3 tables, but 
what if you have 50).  And is the method you are looking for a field in 
the table, a method in the class, or base class, or a method added by a 
module, or worse a method that was monkey-patched in.

I suppose you could keep a script/console running to query such things, 
but certainly its faster to have that information immediately in editor.

I've never worked on an IDE before, but the topic of how you implement 
Intellisense for Ruby has always interested me.  I imagine it must be 
100x harder to do it for Ruby than for C++ (or maybe just use 100x more 
processing power).  But I'm thinking that the DLR must make such things 
much easier.  Is that the case?
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