[Ironruby-core] Asp.Net MVC with IronRuby at TechEd

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Mon Jun 2 03:07:59 EDT 2008


In response to my comment on ScottGu's blog regarding VS Express Support
for IronRuby and Asp.Net MVC, I was immediately responded with
Encouraging news from Mr. ScottGu.

I Hope many would like to read this and smile.

This is the Original Blog By Mr. ScottGu.

Here's the response by Mr. Scott.

Hi Softmind,

>>>>>>>> Congrats to your team. Now Asp.Net will be used by 4 communities (1) C# (2) VB.Net (3) IronRuby and (4) IronPython.  I would like to know more about your plans for supporting this this 2 new languages to VS Express 2008. I personally think, the support for this two languages will be welcomed by mass developers, who are keen to enter .Net with their Python and Ruby background.


I believe we will be showing using ASP.NET MVC with IronRuby and
IronPython later this week at TechEd.  I don't think we've finalized
what the tooling support will be - but you will be able to use these as
language options with ASP.NET.

Hope this helps,


Hello John,

Can we expect more details of TechEd on your blog next week.

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