[Ironruby-core] Code Review: YamlFixes

Oleg Tkachenko olegtk at microsoft.com
Wed Jul 23 04:35:29 EDT 2008

tfpt review "/shelveset:YamlFixes;REDMOND\olegtk"
Comment  :
  Removes obsolete YamlTest project from the solution.
  Fixes DateTime serialization and loading of timestamps.
  Fixes nil serialization.
  Implements YAML::add_domain_type() - user controlled parsing of domain types.
  Fixes loading binary data in Ruby context.
  Implements loading dates - instantiates Date class (from date.rb curently) instead of DateTime.
  Adds "require 'date'" into yaml.rb to be compatible with MRI (it makes loading yaml much slower currently - need to implement Date class).
  Fixes bug with serializing a hash with a nil as a key.
  Implements loading  abbreviated types (looks like obsoleted yaml 1.0 only feature, but MRI tests it. http://yaml.org/spec/history/2002-10-31.html#preview-family).
  Splits SafeConstructor.ConstructYamlTimestamp into two methods so RubyConstructor can override Date construction.
  Fixes Time.at() - the argument must be a double type.
  Fixes Time.local() and Time.utc() - usec argument is actually microseconds, not milliseconds.

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