[Ironruby-core] Good Efforts by CodeThinked.com for IronRuby

Unnikrishnan Nair ksunair at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 21 16:31:43 EDT 2008

Sorry if it is duplicate, getting some starge errors on outlook. Also sorry for blowing my own horn :)
I have been writing some blogs for my friends who are C# developers on introduction to IronRuby with C#. It is at http://www.myfavoritemovies.us/Ironruby
It is for beginners, especially for people coming from C#. I thought I will throw it out as well. If any of you have any comments or suggestions, I will be more than happy incorporate them there.

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I would suggest to keep an eye on http://www.codethinked.com/

A very good series of blogs for " IronRuby " are shaping yup there.

My special thanks to the blogger for his contribution and special focus
on IronRuby.

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