[Ironruby-core] MutableString encoding issue

Oleg Tkachenko olegtk at microsoft.com
Mon Jul 14 12:17:42 EDT 2008

This  problem is probably  StringContent.ToByteArray(). It uses Encoding.GetBytes(string) which obeys .NET encoding semantics and by default replaces any nonconvertible characters to '?'.
And then MutableStringOps.Dump() is using it to create string representation.
We could make StringContent.ToByteArray() not replacing nonconvertible characters by using EncodingFallback. BinaryContent.ToString()/ToStringBuilder() also has the same issue.


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MutableString can have one of three internal representations, depending on how it was last used.  One of these is a byte array.  This particular problem may be in the scanner or parser and not in the actual string class, as we don't otherwise have a problem storing the character:

>>> $s = "\204"
=> "?"
>>> $s[0]
=> 63
>>> $s[0] = 132
=> 132
>>> $s
=> "\204"

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This was a known issue a while back, it's the reason the Zlib library didn't work well with binary files.  I'm fairly certain there was work being done on making String be backed by a byte array... and in fact I thought this was already done.
On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 2:20 AM, Oleg Tkachenko <olegtk at microsoft.com<mailto:olegtk at microsoft.com>> wrote:

Stumbled on this when testing yaml.

>>> "\204"

=> "?"



=> "\204"

I believe Ruby string can hold arbitrary byte values, but as we are storing content as a string we are obviously losing all values that cannot be represented in default encoding. Tomas, what do you think?



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