[Ironruby-core] Memory Usage Tests

Peter Bacon Darwin bacondarwin at googlemail.com
Sat Jul 12 12:44:24 EDT 2008

Hi Aaron,
Sorry I wasn't trying to suggest a solution for your problem.  I was just
trying to narrow down where the increase in memory is coming from.
I suspect that the cause is initializing or calling into the core libraries
but I can't isolate that bit.

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Peter Bacon Darwin wrote:
> Also...
> If you only have the CreateScope method and not the Execute method in 
> the
> loop then there is no memory increase.
> With both in the loop you get a linear increase in memory usage, even if 
> you
> regularly force a Garbage Collection, of approximately 10K per 
> iteration.
> Pete

Hi Pete,

If I take the Execute method out of the loop then I don't get any 
significant increase in memory usage. However as per my post above I 
think I do need the CreateScope and Execute calls in the loop to allow 
for multiple simultaneous script executions.


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