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Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
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Yes, git is awesome. We're new to it as well, so we're all learning about to use it most effectively. One awesome github feature is that you can comment on specific commits from the website. Putting any conversation about commits right on that page is an awesome way to "archive" those types of communications; the more context with the code the better =) Plus, those comments will always follow that change, so when specific changes get merged back into John's ruby-spec fork, or even the master ruby-spec repo, those comments follow it. =)

So, does everyone agree that any comments associated with a git commit (eg. code-reviews, etc) should be done on github itself? Of course, it would be extra helpful to send out the link to the commit to ironruby-core =)


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Hi Jim,
Great stuff. The more I use Git and GitHub the more I love it.
I started to write comments, in GitHub, against the commits but then thought better of it.  I don't know what happens to them.
Sorry if some of these comments are pedantic.  Feel free to ignore them.

Commit 12308400
- There is a typo in the description of the it "yields while decreaing[sic] self until it less than ceil for a Float endpoint" description
- Should you also consider testing downto and upto towards negative floats since Ruby has different semantics for ceil than some other languages?  E.g. 3.downto(-1.3) should  produce [3, 2, 1, 0, -1] rather than [3,2,1,0,-1,-2].

Commit fb9a920
- Do you need to remove the constant that is created inside it "should perform top level evaluations from inside a block" to prevent leakage of memory and/or semantic?

Commit cc48d366
- There is a typo in the description of the it "includes the curret[sic] directory" description.
- My version of MRI Ruby does not have a RUBY_ENGINE constant.  If this is the case does the whole it clause need to be wrapped in a compliant_on() block?
- There is a typo in the description of the it "allow substitutionof[sic] literal regexps" description.

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I've commited some more stuff to my Rubyspec fork, I'd like to get some reviews before I merge them to Johns. The commit numbers are:


That's the last 6 commits I've made.



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