[Ironruby-core] More spec review

Peter Bacon Darwin bacondarwin at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 11 15:39:48 EDT 2008

Hi Jim,

Great stuff. The more I use Git and GitHub the more I love it.

I started to write comments, in GitHub, against the commits but then thought
better of it.  I don't know what happens to them.

Sorry if some of these comments are pedantic.  Feel free to ignore them.


Commit 12308400

- There is a typo in the description of the it "yields while decreaing[sic]
self until it less than ceil for a Float endpoint" description

- Should you also consider testing downto and upto towards negative floats
since Ruby has different semantics for ceil than some other languages?  E.g.
3.downto(-1.3) should  produce [3, 2, 1, 0, -1] rather than [3,2,1,0,-1,-2].


Commit fb9a920

- Do you need to remove the constant that is created inside it "should
perform top level evaluations from inside a block" to prevent leakage of
memory and/or semantic?


Commit cc48d366

- There is a typo in the description of the it "includes the curret[sic]
directory" description.

- My version of MRI Ruby does not have a RUBY_ENGINE constant.  If this is
the case does the whole it clause need to be wrapped in a compliant_on()

- There is a typo in the description of the it "allow substitutionof[sic]
literal regexps" description.



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I've commited some more stuff to my Rubyspec fork, I'd like to get some
reviews before I merge them to Johns. The commit numbers are:









That's the last 6 commits I've made.








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