[Ironruby-core] Accessing CLR-class methods/properties/fields

Robert Brotherus robert.brotherus at napa.fi
Thu Jul 10 05:19:20 EDT 2008

Consider following C# program (ScriptService.SharedService provides
access to IronRuby and is unimportant for understanding the case):


using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
using Fi.Napa.Gui;

public class A
    public string SomeField = "field";
    public string SomeProperty { get { return "prop"; } }
    public string SomeMethod() { return "method"; }

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
            def test(obj)
                Debug::print 'In Ruby'
                Debug::print obj.some_method 
                Debug::print obj.SomeMethod 
                Debug::print obj.send(:some_method) 
                Debug::print obj.send(:SomeMethod) 

                Debug::print obj.some_property 
                Debug::print obj.SomeProperty 
                Debug::print obj.send(:some_property) 
                Debug::print obj.send(:SomeProperty) 

                Debug::print obj.SomeField  
                Debug::print obj.some_field 
                Debug::print obj.send(:SomeField) 
                Debug::print obj.send(:some_field)

        Action<object> test =

        try { 
		test(new A());   // Call the Ruby "test"-function with
instance of A as parameter
        catch (Exception ex) {  Debug.Print(ex.ToString());  }


Output of the program is:

In Ruby
A first chance exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' occurred in
Unknown Module.
System.ArgumentException: wrong number or type of arguments for
   at _stub_$27##27(Closure , CallSite , CodeContext , Object ,
RubyArray )
   at _stub_MatchCaller(Object , CallSite , Object[] )
   at System.Scripting.Actions.CallSite`1.UpdateAndExecute(Object[]
args) in
.cs:line 288
   at System.Void(Object)(Object[] , Object )
   at Program.Main(String[] args) in
C:\DATA\IronRubyIssueX\IronRubyIssueX\Program.cs:line 38


This indicates that CLR-class fields (unlike CLR-methods and
CLR-properties) cannot be accessed with ruby:s send-method although they
are directly accessible as ruby-methods:

	Debug::print obj.SomeField  # ok
	Debug::print obj.some_field # ok
	Debug::print obj.send(:SomeField) # Exception: wrong number of
arguments for method SomeField
	Debug::print obj.send(:some_field) # Exception: wrong number of
arguments for method some_field

I would expect that in final IronRuby 1.0 CLR-interoperability the
syntaxes a.x and a.send(:x) would always work the same, regardless of a
and x. I assume this is the intention of IR team as well?

Also I am intrigued by the type of the exception: "wrong number or type
of arguments for `SomeField'". Does that indicate that the fields
*could* still be accessed with the send-method with some additional

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