[Ironruby-core] Code Review: fixes-2

Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
Wed Jul 9 01:20:30 EDT 2008

I've included Srivatsn since he will be covering for me when I'm on paternity leave.

None of the changes in context are using the -B option, so they aren't using the default.mspec, unless, perhaps, you have it in the default search locations for mspec.

I've been looking more, and running via mspec, instead of the direct mspec-{ci,tag,run} commands also can affect which specs run. Some specs are guarded for if the runner is MSpec or RSpec, using that env. Variable (see mspec/lib/mspec/guards/runner.rb). I'd also expect more config to move into mspec, so we probably want to keep using it.

I also wonder why you removed the common command that removed repetition when preparing the command line.

I purposely left core and lang active in default.mspec to allow one command to run all passing tests. Do we want that changed?  Target should also stay in to allow mspec to be run without requiring the -t target.

I don't see the point in changing path_to_ir to iruby, isn't path_to_ir already a string?

I thought it made sense to keep the config file both in ~, any reason why not?

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> Ruby only. All local tests pass.
> tfpt review "/shelveset:fixes-2;REDMOND\jflam"
> Comment  :
>   -     Added a ChildProcessExitStatus global variable ($?) which
> contains the exit code of a sub-process (used by system, backtick, exec
> etc)
>   -     Added Glob.cs to Ruby/Ruby/Builtins. This contains Ruby glob
> functionality that previously resided in the libraries (FileOps.cs and
> Dir.cs), but was moved so that we can do glob expansions for globs
> passed in as command-line parameters to the Ruby script. We now expand
> parameters that look like glob expansions before adding them to ARGV.
>   -     Changed RUBY_INSTALL_NAME to ironruby from ruby in rbconfig.rb
>   -     Added a Process::Status class
>   -     Moved File.CanonicalizePath to from FileOps.cs to Glob.cs since
> this will be used in multiple places in the future.
>   -     Added a new algorithm for determining what the user's HOME path
> is. Ruby uses HOME for several library methods such as Dir.chdir(). The
> new algorithm tries HOME, HOMEDRIVE + HOMEPATH, USERPROFILE, and the
> Personal special folder in that sequence. This is the same algorithm
> that is used in Ruby 1.9.
>   -     Added implementation of `, exec and system to KernelOps.cs
>   -     Enabled mspec / rubyspec to run by cleaning up
> default.mspec.rb, runfirst.cmd. Enables support for specifying the
> class *and* method when running tests / regressions / baselining.

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