[Ironruby-core] Code Review: fixes-2

John Lam (IRONRUBY) jflam at microsoft.com
Wed Jul 9 00:32:26 EDT 2008

Ruby only. All local tests pass.

tfpt review "/shelveset:fixes-2;REDMOND\jflam"

Comment  :
  -     Added a ChildProcessExitStatus global variable ($?) which contains the exit code of a sub-process (used by system, backtick, exec etc)
  -     Added Glob.cs to Ruby/Ruby/Builtins. This contains Ruby glob functionality that previously resided in the libraries (FileOps.cs and Dir.cs), but was moved so that we can do glob expansions for globs passed in as command-line parameters to the Ruby script. We now expand parameters that look like glob expansions before adding them to ARGV.
  -     Changed RUBY_INSTALL_NAME to ironruby from ruby in rbconfig.rb
  -     Added a Process::Status class
  -     Moved File.CanonicalizePath to from FileOps.cs to Glob.cs since this will be used in multiple places in the future.
  -     Added a new algorithm for determining what the user's HOME path is. Ruby uses HOME for several library methods such as Dir.chdir(). The new algorithm tries HOME, HOMEDRIVE + HOMEPATH, USERPROFILE, and the Personal special folder in that sequence. This is the same algorithm that is used in Ruby 1.9.
  -     Added implementation of `, exec and system to KernelOps.cs
  -     Enabled mspec / rubyspec to run by cleaning up default.mspec.rb, runfirst.cmd. Enables support for specifying the class *and* method when running tests / regressions / baselining.

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