[Ironruby-core] spec changes

Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
Mon Jul 7 03:32:15 EDT 2008

Well, it's not as simple as that. The spec as written is for *nix paths, where ///// is root. So on one side we should move towards ///// returning the current drive. On the other hand, the notation // represents a UNC file path, which theoretically should resolve to a form of //server/share. I don't know what CRuby wants dirname to return, and I also don't know if we are going to deviate at all. I know that it currently returns //, but if you search for this function, there is some discussion about how it should behave, and I'm not sure how it resolved. For now, I'd suggest turning it into:

                platform_is_not :windows do
                                File.dirname('/////').should == '/'
                platform_is :windows do
                                File.dirname('/////').should == '//'

That will keep it working on *nix.


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I think the following spec is wrong for FileOps.dirname

It is

    File.dirname('/////').should == '/'

but it should be

    File.dirname('/////').should == '//'

If it is my misunderstanding, please let me know.



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