[Ironruby-core] Code Review: YamlRegex

Oleg Tkachenko olegtk at microsoft.com
Thu Jul 3 01:27:31 EDT 2008

I removed it, please ignore.


From: Tomas Matousek
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 6:36 PM
To: ironruby-core at rubyforge.org; IronRuby External Code Reviewers
Subject: RE: Code Review: YamlRegex

I get an error when trying to review your shelveset:

C:\M5\Merlin\Main>tfpt review /shelveset:YamlRegex;olegtk
No shelvesets found matching YamlRegex;olegtk


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Subject: [Ironruby-core] Code Review: YamlRegex

tfpt review "/shelveset:YamlRegex;REDMOND\olegtk"

Comment  :
  Fixes Ruby Regex support: implements RubyRegex.taguri() and loading regex from yaml.
  Implements loading literal Ruby ranges.
  Adds couple useful RubyUtils.Evaluate overloads (one that takes string instead of MutableString and one with no optional arguments).


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