[Ironruby-core] IronRuby (Without MVC ) and ActiveRecord... Is it Possible

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Wed Jan 30 10:39:26 EST 2008


I wa just reading a book called " Beginning Rails " and i found this
information in it.

Here it is....
The fact is an Active Record subclass,isn’t much different from a
regular Ruby class. Active Record models are regular Ruby objects that
can be augmented, modified, played with, poked, and turned inside out
with sufficient Ruby-fu.

Knowing this will be extremely helpful in being able to pull back the
curtain and understand the advanced features of Active Record.

Ok... This brings a question to my mind.

Since IronRuby will offer Rails... So Active Record will be present in
IronRuby Right...?

Is it possible to use that Active Record ( ORM ) without Rails in

I mean if i am using Asp>net webforms with IronRuby as a language rather
than C# or Vb.Net, will I be able to use Active Record.

I am not talking about any MVC here. I am talking about plain IronRuby
as a language and ActiveRecord as an ORM, rather than LINQ or


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