[Ironruby-core] WPF etc

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Mon Jan 21 17:23:46 EST 2008

I think this got swallowed by the list when I replied on Saturday =( Sending again ...

> Ivan Porto Carrero wrote:
> In the IronPython samples for Silverlight I can see a really nice way
> of attaching a python file to the canvas.
> <x:Code Source="myfile.py" Type="text/python" /> which for ruby
> becomes <x:Code Source="myfile.rb" Type="text/ruby" /> as soon as
> there is a silverlight refresh I presume.

The next version of Silverlight initialize the ruby/python file directly, and then you can load a XAML file from code if necessary. So, your above example will not be necessary.

> Doesn't the current silverlight download not support Ruby yet ?

Nope, the current SL version doesn't support Ruby, however then next release will.

> Anyway my real question is, is such a construct available for WPF as
> well. When i tried to put it in, it didn't want to work.  How is this
> done for silverlight? Is that because the silverlight host application
> extends the code element? Would it be hard to make WPF work in the
> same way?

Actually, I think John Lam has a WPF Ruby app he's been working on, but I'm not sure of its current status.

Silverlight currently defines the x:Code element, which WPF does not have a notion of. Also, WPF is essentially code-first, which is what Silverlight is aligning to

> I would love to be able to test some of the samples I will have with
> silverlight as well, does anybody have any idea as to when we would be
> able to get something?

Well, the Silverlight schedule isn't public yet, but this guy (http://blogs.zdnet.com/Stewart/?p=702) seems to have predictions =)

The next release is a beta, and from then on we'll support Ruby.

> Thanks
> Ivan

Hope that answers your questions!

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