[Ironruby-core] Any dates for Beta Versions and Implenting IronRuby..?

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Fri Jan 11 03:29:01 EST 2008


After reading this blog on IronRuby, I am tempted to start working on
Beta Versions.


Since i am just new, and do not know procedures. I am not comfortable
working with subversions. I am looking for an easy way to implement
IronRuby on Ruby On Steel or any other IDE available currently that
implements such thing. Initially only IRonRuby support without Rails is
enough for me.

I always wanted an IDE like IronPython Studio and finally my half
prayers are heard. We have the Steel IDE, but for plain ruby only.

Silverlight 2.0 Beta is declared to be around March 2008, so i presume
DLR would be almost completed by then, it would not be longer for
IronRuby to Run on DLR then....am i right...?

IronRuby and DLR were announced at MIX 2007 on April 2007 and the New
MIX 2008 is round the corner on march 5th 2008. Its almost a year for
IronRuby and i still see only alpha label around.IronRuby in fact have
trademarked many codes from Ruby.Net and have been in the process since
long. Its surprising to see the  Pre-Alpha label still hanging around.

I have been writing currently ruby codes on NetBeans and I am basically
a .net guy, i am really tempted to get working with IronRuby.

Pl. guide me with the Beta Stage or CTP details.

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