[Ironruby-core] Patch submission - sockets

Terence Lewis lewistm at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 18:33:17 EST 2008

Hi John,

Thanks for taking the time to tidy up my code and check it in :). I've
got a few more questions...

> 3. TCPSocket#open needed a different implementation. This is a thing to watch out for in singleton methods--do they return an instance of the derived type, if you call them from a derived class? For example, if you do "class MyTCPSocket < TCPSocket; end" then MyTCPSocket.open, you actually get back an instance of MyTCPSocket. The way to do this in our system is to create a dynamic site that calls "new". Also, TCPSocket#open needed to yield to the block. I added that, which had the nice side effect of removing the need for TCPServer#open.

1) I don't see any "open" method anywhere in Socket.cs anymore. I
tested it though and it still works, so I did a quick search through
the code and came up with [RubyMethod("open")] in IoOps.cs. I assume
this is what's being called now for both TCPSocket.open and
TCPServer.open because of BasicSocket's inheritance from RubyIO - this
is the dynamic site to which you refer? It is a nice side effect not
having to handle the block :)

2) Regarding the ConvertToPort function (which is currently
incorrectly spelled with only 1 t in the middle), there is a function
in the winsock dll called getservbyname which will do this conversion
for you - unfortunately it's not exposed to .NET at all as far as I
can tell. It's also exposed directly by Ruby's socket class as the
method "getservbyname", so we are going to need to call it. I've
written a simple P/Invoke call which will call into ws2_32.dll to get
this information, but I realized only after almost finishing the code
that you guys may want to steer clear of P/Invoke for compatibility
reasons. Is that true and if so, how can I go about implementing this
function manually - does anybody know where I can get a list of what
it can return? If not (i.e p/invoke is OK), does something special
have to be done to make that code work on mono? I thought I'd get an
answer on these questions before tidying up my code and submitting it.

3) Can I get a quick yes/no answer as to whether I'm allowed to look
at MRI's source code and still contribute to this project? Also, are
you guys (Microsoft employees) allowed to look at this code - and if
you're not, can I still refer to MRI source code in questions I post
to this list regarding implementation details?



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