[Ironruby-core] SVN Revsion 70

John Lam (DLR) jflam at microsoft.com
Tue Jan 8 14:59:49 EST 2008

I just pushed out our latest SVN release. Included is the Socket contribution from Terence Lewis (thanks!).

Other highlights of this release (for folks building libraries) are:

An implementation of IO that implements console and file operations. STDOUT, STDIN, STDERR are all implemented now.

An updated test running infrastructure that supports running specs individually. Here are some examples:

1) Run all IO specs:

rake spec io

2) Run a specific IO spec (seek):

rake spec io seek

3) Run a specific IO spec with a different reporter, fail, which dumps stack traces only for the failed specs.

rake spec io seek fail

4) Run all IO specs with the fail reporter:

rake spec io - fail

The specs also support exclusions as well - see the .spec/* files for each type for examples. It's probably a good idea to drive all specs to zero failures using exclusions. The next piece of work we're going to do is exactly this so that we can use the specs to detect regressions in our SNAP testing harness (this is the farm of machines that we use to run IronRuby on all supported configurations / platforms).


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