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Ivan Porto Carrero ivan at flanders.co.nz
Sat Jan 5 02:43:05 EST 2008

Thanks for that.
I can't believe I didn't know about DataMapper and rBatis, those seem like a
better fit to what I want. I can follow your reasoning on ActiveRecord and
it does have some weight for me, most people will be using active record
because it comes with rails.
I guess I could take some relevant snippets from that source code to
illustrate how it has been done, because i wanted to use a model layer as an
example of metaprogramming. I'll have a play with the ones you just proposed
and maybe cover one in addition to ActiveRecord so that readers know there
are options.  The Sequel one looks like a nice and easy one to use.

At this point I'm only planning to talk about using another .NET language
for illustrative purposes but I want to create a pure ironruby solution
that's for sure. However talking about IronRuby wouldn't be complete without
talking about the Iron in IronRuby and highlighting some of the interop
possibilities there are too. Because suddenly you're not limited anymore to
libraries in your favorite language but you can use libraries from a
collection of languages and a more vast community.  That being said about
99.5% of the code samples will be Ruby.

The book will take the reader through building an application built with
IronRuby that leverages most of the .NET technologies like WPF, Silverlight,
ASP.NET MVC, Webforms etc.
I don't really want to spend a lot of time explaining rails, because there
is also plenty of information available about rails, but i will show that
you can do with rails and IronRuby. I'll also demonstrate how gems can make
your life easier etc.

A downside of showing WPF is that the reader won't be able to run those
samples on mono, or will he?

Keep the feedback coming, I like it :)

On Jan 5, 2008 7:50 PM, Softmind Technology <lists at ruby-forum.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Few Suggestions here.
> (1) Do Not Avoid Active Record at any cost. Active Record and Migrations
> should be covered in depth. SubSonic is working very hard to get major
> parts implemented in Asp.Net MVC and General Asp.Net soon. Plus...
> Subsonic is very famous due to Active Record only. Majority of
> Developers will jump into IronRuby to take full advantage of Ruby and
> Ruby on rails.
> As per "Rob Connery" he is suppose to write a book on " SubSonic and MVC
> ", you may talk to him about his coverage with MVC and get a rough idea
> about Subsonic and Active Record implementation in Asp.Net.
> (2) Start building an existing Startkerkit in IronRuby, along the way
> you explain IronRuby. A Real life approach will be highly appreciated.
> You get 3 advantages with it...
> (a) Existing Starterkits are discussed with a working site in VB and C#
> currently and hence are easy to discuss further.
> (b) Existing developers gets an idea about comparing dynamic language
> with C#/Vb. They will know what a clear syntax and ironruby code can do.
> How many coding lines are saved by comparing C# with Ironruby.
> (c) New Ruby developers entering IronRuby gets a treat of working
> example
> (3) Try to make IronRuby + Asp.Net a mission. Do not waste much efforts
> teaching Ruby in your book. Plenty of Ruby books are already available.
> Developers/Students will prefer to read a Book that implements Ironruby
> with Asp.Net and get it started immediately.
> (4) Since this is a first ever book on IronRuby... It would be better to
> get more and more suggestions that the Ruby community wants for a real
> life approach.
> There are plenty of hopes build up on IronRuby and your book should not
> let them down. Mr. John Lam, has taken a practical approach by choosing
> this RubyForge rather than Codeplex, since he wanted more and more
> developers to share. Taking the same approach will justify your efforts
> and get the real Ironruby out.
> (5) IronPython ( Few Chapters ) and Jruby books are also available as a
> reference.
> (6) Do not waste pages explaining the advantages of DLR , Asp.Net and
> .Net framework. You can always give links for further reference.
> (5) I am just pointing a very good blog, that clearly requests MSFT to
> stop wasting much time on C# 4.0 and rather send few more hands to
> IronRuby team. They all are banking on IronRuby.
> http://codebetter.com/blogs/jeremy.miller/archive/2008/01/02/c-vnext-take-2.aspx
> I am just suggesting it, since i have read plenty of books and know what
> helps in real life. Wrox publisher's " Beer StarterKit " is very famous
> and preserved on shelf. You can also take inspiration building such a
> kit with Ironruby or other existing Kits, which can help in Real Life.
> Learn... Gain... and Earn... Should be the motto of the book.
> After all.... you are the author... you are the better judge.
> Thanks for listening me.
> SoftMind.
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