[Ironruby-core] IronRuby on Rails or Ruby on Rails... Are we getting it

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Fri Jan 4 03:10:03 EST 2008


I believe IronRuby is making good progress, though i do not get to see
any news on progress.

Blogs and informative details are totally missing regarding the DLR and
Ironruby progress.

Can any one confirm, whether we shall be getting Ruby on Rails or
IronRuby on Rails with the final version of IronRuby.Is it really worth
waiting for IronRuby or it would be nice to switch to original Ruby on
Rails immediately, without wasting many more months with a hope....?

I have read few good information in the ruby.net VS IronRuby discussion
recently, but that discussion was too far to cover the Ruby on Rails
support with IronRuby.

The only positive answer i could found was an interview of John Lam on
akitaonrails, where he was positive for Rails support with IronRuby.

But even that was not a promise, it was just a hope

Can some one on the developer team please focus on this. I think this
would be really great if we can get it working on IronRuby.


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