[Ironruby-core] DLR - where is the community?

Shri Borde Shri.Borde at microsoft.com
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Yes, it is not an easy decision without knowing the what activity level to expect. If there are not enough people active on the mailing list, it reduces the value to the participants since their questions will not be answered quickly. So specialized mailing lists are necessarily the right answer. A separate codebase has significant disadvantages - if you want to find matching versions of IronRuby or IronPython to see how they use the DLR, you will have a hard time.

Do start using the IronRuby or IronPython mailing lists for DLR questions. If the volume of DLR-specific questions goes up, that will make it easier to decide to create a separate mailing list.

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i was thinking about same ("where to ask DLR specific questions") few days ago while reading DLR articles on Tomas Restrepo's weblog (btw, thanks for good articles, Tomas... )

maybe it would be a good idea have separate DLR mailing list or forum (for DLR specific language agnostic questions). But i am afraid that this is a same sort of decision as if there should be separate codebase for DLR or not.

I would prefer separate mailing lists and separate codebase, but I understand that it is not easy decision.

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2008/2/28, Ales Sturala <lists at ruby-forum.com<mailto:lists at ruby-forum.com>>:
> Hi,
>  DLR is nice, but what is still missing is "community". I think there is
>  plenty of people trying DLR, but there is no good source for information
>  except some blogs. What I am really missing is some community forum,
>  where all the developers can look for solutions and discuss their
>  problems. Now it looks those people are spread over the Internet and
>  there is no place for discussion yet ... or maybe I am wrong and I just
>  didn't find it.
Eh, *this* list is a such forum? And IronPython list.

>  Anyway if there is not such place, would be possible to make at least
>  category on MSDN forums for DLR?
I much prefer mailing lists to forums.

Seo Sanghyeon
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