[Ironruby-core] digest.so implemented

Myles Eftos myles at madpilot.com.au
Fri Feb 29 08:22:12 EST 2008

Implementing as much as possible in Ruby sounds like a plan, because as you
say it means us Rubyist can avoid C#. As you say, there shouldn't be any
performance hit as it all gets compiled to IL.

Obviously we need some base parts of the language complete first though :)

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> I thought that the general idea in Ruby circles was that all 
> their libraries should be written in Ruby unless there was 
> some important reason not to, such as performance or access 
> to underlying OS or hardware functionality that was not 
> available to Ruby code?
> The Rubinius guys took this one step further and have pretty 
> much implemented everything in Ruby (including the runtime 
> engine itself) and where they needed to access the OS 
> directly they have created hooks into the operating system 
> via "special" Rubinius operations that allow the ruby code to 
> do the stuff.
> Interestingly, they then run into the problem of people 
> monkey patching their runtime engine by accident, which is 
> what happened when you required the math library which 
> changed the way division works in integers and this broke 
> their implementation of indexing arrays.
> If the DLR is going to compile up the Ruby code into IL 
> anyway then it should not be a huge performance problem to 
> write most libraries in Ruby and then use IR .NET interop to 
> access any underlying functionality that is not normally 
> available in Ruby.
> ****  This would also have the benefit of removing the excuse 
> of non-C# developers from contributing to the IR libraries!!  ****
> Pete
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> >  P.S. I notice your module is implemented in Python - I hadn't even
> contemplated the idea of implementing these libraries in Ruby 
> - I guess because I'm a C# developer. Do people think we 
> should rewrite these extension libraries in Ruby?
> Writing in Ruby does simplify some boilerplates code, doesn't it?
> --
> Seo Sanghyeon
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