[Ironruby-core] Ruby In Steel IronRuby Edition - how about XAML / WPF? :-)

Robert Brotherus robert.brotherus at napa.fi
Fri Feb 29 02:51:27 EST 2008

Thanks for the great tool Huw! 

Have been playing with that for a while and feels really decent for an
"alpha" version :-)

Since we IronRuby early adopters are "living on the bleeding edge",
there might be quite a few (including our company) that are more
interested in WPF GUI:s (preverably with XAML, but possibly without)
instead of the older Windows Forms. I am curious about Sapphire Steels
plans / opinions on feasibility of combining WPF/XAML support their

I have myself a working proto of an application with WPF/XAML defined
GUI:s and IronRuby event-handlers implemented as proxy-objects for the
MSBuild-generated WPF Widget classes. While this approach works, it is
not optimally elegant since the event handler methods are not
first-class members of the widget classes. But we could not take the
approach of extending the WPF-classes as IronRuby-classes because of our
heavy reliance of XAML that refers to other XAML-defined custom classes:

	<OurCustomWidget a="xxx" b="yyy/>

To my understanding XAML does not support a DLR-classes (=IronRuby) as
"OurCustomWidget" in such context (I would be happy to be proven wrong
of course! :-)

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The first public alpha of our IronRuby IDE is now available for free
download. This includes our IronRuby form designer with drag+drop
controls, properties panel, syntax coloring, code collapsing, code
formatting, bracket matching, keyword..end matching, project setup
wizards, project management in the solution explorer etc. It does not
currently include debugging or IntelliSense.

You can read about its features and limitations on the download page:


Have fun!


SapphireSteel Software
Ruby and Rails In Visual Studio
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