[Ironruby-core] DLR - where is the community?

Ales Sturala lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Feb 28 07:55:08 EST 2008

DLR is nice, but what is still missing is "community". I think there is
plenty of people trying DLR, but there is no good source for information
except some blogs. What I am really missing is some community forum,
where all the developers can look for solutions and discuss their
problems. Now it looks those people are spread over the Internet and
there is no place for discussion yet ... or maybe I am wrong and I just
didn't find it.

Anyway if there is not such place, would be possible to make at least
category on MSDN forums for DLR?

PS: Sorry for asking this here, but this forum looks like the closest
one to DLR topic :]
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