[Ironruby-core] Dead Slow Progress on IronRuby... No Beta Yet

John Lam (DLR) jflam at microsoft.com
Wed Feb 27 10:46:39 EST 2008

Michael Letterle:

> Because of the current heads down nature of the DLR team, I think the
> current /perception/ of lack of progress is real.  Knowing that things
> are going to change around Mix in the code kind makes one a bit lery to
> put too much stock in what we have now.  Meaning, I don't know what
> bugs are being worked on and what interfaces and APIs might change
> between now and then.  Just makes me a bit hesitant.  That said, one
> can still download, play and submit bugs..

Right now we're getting things ready for MIX. What that means is making sure that our interop works correctly, that we build *and run* correctly on CoreCLR (the Silverlight version of the CLR). There are bug fixes in the core language among other things that are in that build.

There are no user-visible changes as far as anyone outside will see, nor are there any breaking changes in APIs that you would use to build libraries.

There are no major changes planned on the library interfaces. So if you're currently hacking on a library we shouldn't break you today.


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