[Ironruby-core] Dead Slow Progress on IronRuby... No Beta Yet

M. David Peterson m.david at xmlhacker.com
Tue Feb 26 23:38:26 EST 2008

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> It seems there is something wrong with the exact
> tuning with DLR

If I were to speculate I would think that you'll see a massive influx of  
code just after Mix08 for the simple fact that -- as far as I can tell --  
everyone @ MSFT working on DLR-related projects is heads down at the  
moment preparing for a spectacular showcase of platform capabilities, new  
announcements of products/project features, etc.  Once the pressure of  
Mix08 has been released my *guess* is that these same folks will start  
churning out code that extends from what was shown @Mix by the truck load.

Of course, this is just a guess, but having worked @MSFT and having  
presented at many conferences while I was there I can assure you that the  
preparations for shows as big as Mix begin _well_ in advance, and the  
pressure to go big is tremendous. Once that pressure has subsided, I would  
expect rapid advancement of the IronRuby project.

Just my two cents.


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