[Ironruby-core] Dead Slow Progress on IronRuby... No Beta Yet

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Tue Feb 26 23:25:01 EST 2008


I was expecting a rapid growth on IronRuby keeping following things in
my mind which i had preserved so far.

(1) Ruby.Net code ( partially ) was licensed by MS to incorporate in to

(2) IronRuby was announced in last year Mix 2007 event ( almost a year
now )

(3) It was decided to place IronRuby on RubyForge for great support..

Even with all this aspects... IronRuby Progress is dead slow.

If a part of Ruby.Net was included, and if Ruby.Net can give a stable
version, why IronRuby lacks Beta Stage so far. Its almost one year since
IronRuby was announced in the Mix event last year, and the new Mix 2008
is round the corner, still no news about Beta yet...

If we add, (1) Ruby.Net Code + (2) Ruby Forge contribution + (3) Full
time IronRuby Team support... this could have shaped very fast.

Plan your work.... and workout your plans. This would have yielded
better results so far. It seems there is something wrong with the exact
tuning with DLR

My simple question... "will there will ever be LINQ support with Dynamic
language like IronRuby " still remains hanging.which shows the lack of
correct tuning with other areas in .Net.

Hoping to see Beta stage soon.

( Let me clarify... I am totally in support with IronRuby, but the slow
progress kills my enthusiasm )

Just my 2 cents

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