[Ironruby-core] Win32API implemented!

Wayne Kelly w.kelly at qut.edu.au
Tue Feb 26 23:04:08 EST 2008

You may recall from an earlier post that one of the external libraries used by some simple Rails use cases was Win32API.so

So, I started to look into how to implement this library - it was going to be quite complex to implement in a fully managed way, involving lots of dynamic pInvoke stuff.

I then thought, hey the same Rails code runs on other platforms that obviously don't support the Win32 API. So, upon further investigation I learned that Rails tries to require "Win32API", but if the attempted load throws a not found exception it simply uses other more generic mechanisms to achieve the task at hand.

So, implementing the Win32API for IronRuby is as simple as deleting Win32API.so!

Cheers, Wayne.

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