[Ironruby-core] Couple of Questions

Tomas Restrepo tomas at winterdom.com
Mon Feb 25 08:33:11 EST 2008

Hi Joe,

> Shared DynamicSites don't get initialized for each specific class/object
>  and method combination.

I know; that's why I mentioned "initialized" was probably the wrong
term to use. What I meant was that at some point in time, there would
be a rule created for a given class/method combination and somehow
associated with that DynamicSite.

>  Keep reading the code -- RubyBinder.cs in the Ruby project and
>  DynamicSite.cs in the Microsoft.Scripting project -- to see how this
>  happens for IronRuby.  RubyBinder.cs should answer your question about
>  why the behavior is different between InvokeMember and ConvertTo.
>  Briefly, the Ruby action binder applied different rules to these
>  invocations.

That was pretty obvious. even to; but not really my point.

>  Maybe one day someone with more acumen and expertise than myself will
>  write a book about how the DLR works internally like what Don Box, Jeff
>  Richter, and others did for the CLR.  It'll be easier to comprehend
>  then.  In the meantime, you'll just have to rough it on the bleeding
>  edge. ;)

I wasn't particularly asking about the DLR internals; this isn't
really the place to do that anyway (not that there's actually one),
but rather about IronRuby's use of it, and more specifically aimed at
understanding a bit better how the library implementations got hooked
into the runtime for their corresponding classes. I probably don't
need to understand it anyway, but I prefer to.

Tomas Restrepo

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