[Ironruby-core] Asp.Net MVC .... V/S... IronRuby On Rails

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Mon Feb 25 02:16:43 EST 2008


( Please note all this discussion below is about Asp.Net MVC with
IronRuby only.)

I just finished reading the first chapter on Asp.Net MVC in Action by

It seems Asp.Net MVC is inspired a lot by Ruby on Rails.... And the
Major interesting thing is Microsoft has improved a lot over this,
offering some great advantages that ROR lacks.

I think.. It would be wise to go with Asp.Net MVC with IronRuby....
rather than going for IronRuby on Rails.... since MS will constantly
make efforts to improve upon MVC framework... Plus the advantages of
calling other languages with the DLR support, Great Community
Support..... and many other plus points can be added here...

Just wondering and would like to know.. what others are thinking in this

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