[Ironruby-core] Couple of Questions

Joe Chung lists at ruby-forum.com
Sun Feb 24 02:59:26 EST 2008

Tomas Restrepo wrote:
> The first one is related to RubySites. On the presentation, John shows
> how the shared DynamicSites in RubySites are used, for example, to ask
> if a given object/class supports a method and invoke it if it it does.
> The example in the presentation was to_int() for converting an object
> to an integer value, btw.
> What I didn't see John mention very explicitly is where/how those
> shared DynamicSites get initialized so that they point to the right
> places (maybe it's dumb question and I'm just not getting it still!).

Check out Martin Maly's blog for an explanation of how DynamicSites 


This post in particular -- 
-- will probably answer your question.
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