[Ironruby-core] FW: Our team is growing!

John Messerly jomes at microsoft.com
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FYI, we're hiring! See below.

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Hi everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that our team is growing and we're looking to hire some new people to work on IronPython, IronRuby, and F#.  We have 6 new positions we're trying to fill.

IronPython developer position: http://members.microsoft.com/careers/search/details.aspx?JobID=8BEEE2C2-A95D-41C6-9075-CF6347EE07F1
IronRuby developer position: http://members.microsoft.com/careers/search/details.aspx?JobID=7C2E33E8-5A9C-44F3-A1CE-DA2D66DC3C8B
IronRuby QA position: http://members.microsoft.com/careers/search/details.aspx?JobID=FF36A073-D1E8-49A9-B942-AFA4AB2B437E

We also have positions open for doing F# development, F# QA as well as an IronPython Program Manager position - unfortunately there's no website entry for those just yet.

Here's the IronPython PM description, unfortunately I have no descriptions for the F# jobs right now.

The Visual Studio languages team is looking for a Senior Program Manager (Sr. PM) to own our IronPython implementation on www.codeplex.com/ironpython<http://www.codeplex.com/ironpython>. IronPython is an exciting new open source implementation of the Python programming language running on .NET. It was a 2007 Jolt award finalist http://www.joltawards.com/2007/. It supports an interactive console with fully dynamic compilation. It is well integrated with the rest of the .NET Framework and makes all .NET libraries easily available to Python programmers, while maintaining full compatibility with the Python language.

The Sr. PM would be responsible for the vision, planning, strategy and execution of our project. You will work closely with the architect, developers and testers and the community to ensure the right product is getting built. In addition you will be our primary customer voice, evangelist/public speaker for IronPython in addition to being the liaison for rest of the languages team, marketing, legal and other internal and external partners.

Requirements for this position include a bachelors degree in a technical field such as computer science or electrical engineering (Masters preferred), deep experience in using Python and several dynamic languages is required (and having implemented one is preferred).

For the development positions you can contact sborde at microsoft.com
For the test positions you can contact yalvi at microsoft.com
For the PM position you can contact maheshp at microsoft.com
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