[Ironruby-core] extension methods etc

Ivan Porto Carrero ivan at flanders.co.nz
Thu Feb 21 13:50:29 EST 2008


As you've probably seen before I'd like to write a couple of articles that
show how to use ironruby with a couple of .NET ORMS but in the process of
writing those I get constantly tripped up.

When I have to pass a type parameter it looks like it loses some of it's
inheritance information at least that is the case with lightspeed. I can do
without LightSpeed so atm this is no problem for me

When I want to use Linq 2 Sql I need to pass a type of block Func<T, bool>
to the where expression db.categories.where {|c| puts c.name }
But IronRuby doesn't like it that much. So the question is how exactly do I
use System::Enumberable.Where etc?

I haven't gone further trying other ORM's yet.

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