[Ironruby-core] Towards Rails on .NET

John Lam (DLR) jflam at microsoft.com
Tue Feb 19 23:21:36 EST 2008

Wayne Kelly:

> What approaches are deemed acceptable within the IronRuby project?
> Firstly, is it OK to have dependences on other open source project or
> do we need to implement all of these
> components from scratch?

I think it would be fine to have a dependency on a managed library (see below).

> Secondly, is it OK to have dependences on
> native libraries rather than on fully managed
> libraries? (note these are two separate issues).

I'd rather not have dependencies on native libraries. It makes it much more difficult to ship a single binary across all of our platforms (Mac, Windows, *nix).

> The other issue is where to we put these libraries once we start
> developing them? It would be nice to have them all
> in the same place, even in their early stages of development. Each I
> imagine would be a separate library, so they wouldn't
> interfere with one another. I assume they will not become part of the
> IronRuby.Libraries project. Perhaps they could be put
> into a separate RubyForge project initially that external contributors
> could directly upload to, and then if necessary  moved
> into some kind of official tree as they mature?

There are a number of things that complicates things *now*. We don't have require 'foo' working for compiled Ruby library assemblies, so everything has to be dumped into IronRuby.Libraries.dll for the time being. Once we have that working it will make it easier to refactor libraries into packages.


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