[Ironruby-core] Linq to SQL with IronRuby... Is it Possible...?

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Tue Feb 19 01:04:49 EST 2008


i'm a newbie here. joined now.

i'm exploring ironruby from scratch.

few questions to start with...

LINQ to SQL... is a nice thing currently supported in C# and Vb.Net.

i would like to know.. if this has been implemented now  or its too
early to ask.
when will it be supported...?

Which other ORM's are under consideration....?

Will IronRuby work smoothly with Asp.Net MVC....?

I would like to peep into a samll sample code for

IronRuby with Asp.Net MVC and
LINQ to SQL with IronRuby...

Hope,,,i have not asked for more.
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