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Huw Collingbourne lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Feb 4 05:56:56 EST 2008

Michael Letterle wrote:
> What I'm saying is eventually you'll be able to something like
> rbutton.Click{|sender, e| puts "Clicked!"}
> rbutton.Click{|sender, e| puts "Also Clicked!"}

That's still not quite delegation in the usual sense. What if we have:

def onClick( sender )
  # do something

...then have this single method 'wired up' to the Click events on, say, 
the 50+ buttons of a scientific calculator? In short, the delegated 
methods need to be detached from specific objects. I'm sure the IronRuby 
team will provide this in time. It makes a big difference when it comes 
to implementing code+form integration ;-)

best wishes

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