[Ironruby-core] problems with gems

Curt Hagenlocher curth at microsoft.com
Wed Dec 31 11:38:09 EST 2008

Yes, this is supposed to work – at least when using the MS™ CLR ☺.  I used both rake and sinatra as test cases when I was eliminating obstacles to making “igem install” work.  I wonder if the problem here might be that the path construction temporarily resulted in something greater than the permissible path length – in particular, the “../../../..” may need to be resolved before we send it to a .NET API.  Also, the paths on our internal sources still look somewhat different than those we push out.

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I tried to install the rails gem using igem. Is that supposed to work?

» igem install rails
ERROR:  Error installing rails:
        attempt to install file into "test/fixtures/test_mailer/implicitly_multipart_example.text.html.erb~" under

I then tried to install them one by one with --ignore-dependencies

» igem install --ignore-dependencies --verbose activesupport-2.2.2.gem
Installing gem actionmailer-2.2.2
Using local gem C:/tools/ironruby/merlin/main/Languages/Ruby/libs/../../../../External/languages/ruby/ruby-1.8.6//
ERROR:  While executing gem ... (NoMethodError)
    undefined method `include?' for nil:NilClass

When I copied the gem files, cache and specifications over from MRI they list properly but when I try to generate an application skeleton it seems  like something is wrong in the way it handles the paths.

» irails test_irails
c:\tools\ironruby\merlin\main\Languages\Ruby\Libraries.LCA_RESTRICTED\Builtins\KernelOps.cs:390:in `require': no such fi
le to load -- C:/tools/ironruby/merlin/External/languages/ruby/ruby-1.8.6/lib/ironruby/gems/1.8/gems/-2.2.2/bin/../lib/r
uby_version_check (LoadError)
        from custom_require.rb:26:in `require'
        from :0
        from c:\tools\ironruby\merlin\main\Languages\Ruby\Libraries.LCA_RESTRICTED\Builtins\KernelOps.cs:374:in `load'
        from :0

I had a similar thing happen to me when I tried to install rake but then it created a folder -0.8.3 instead of rake-0.8.3 after some tinkering i did get rake working but rails doesn't seem to be really happy atm.
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