[Ironruby-core] dbd implementation for ado.net

Ivan Porto Carrero ivan at flanders.co.nz
Sun Dec 28 08:55:21 EST 2008


I've created an ADO.NET implementation for DBI but I may have overlooked
some stuff.
At the moment it's living on google code


There is an extra colon in the connection string required to make it select
the correct data provider.

DBI.connect("DBI:ADONET*:MSSQL*:Data Source=(local);initial
catalog=mydb;user id=sa;password=topsecret")

Feel free to test and tell me what's wrong with it :)

I've only tested it against SQL Server..
This should make implementing the activerecord adapters for rails a little
bit easier because in many cases it's just a matter of changing the
connection string of an existing adapter (at least that's what I'm hoping

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