[Ironruby-core] Xna+IronRuby+RubyNewb=headache

Gabriel Rotar lists at ruby-forum.com
Tue Dec 16 08:50:46 EST 2008

Curt Hagenlocher wrote:
> ...
>If you like Ruby and don't mind a few hiccups, then your 
>willingness to file problem reports for issues that you find will be of 
>great help to us.
Ruby is great, all though I'm new to the language I have grown attached 
to it.
I'll try to give my feedback to the best of my ability because it 
deserves it.
> Things are likely to be a bit slow over Christmas, but I'll see if I can 
> get this fixed before the end of the year.

I can't wait for the fix. And a wish of "Happy Hollydays" to the whole 
Iron Ruby team and to the users of this discussion board.
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