[Ironruby-core] BigDecimal library

Peter Bacon Darwin bacondarwin at googlemail.com
Fri Aug 29 03:59:22 EDT 2008

I have completed a non-optimized working version of the BigDecimal library.
I have been tracking the development on my GitHub account at:
http://github.com/petebacondarwin/ironruby/network/.  I have merged the
BigDecimal stuff (currently on bigdecimal branch) with the master branch
(into temp1 branch).


[This is a fork of myabc's (Alex Coles) mirror of the IronRuby subversion
repository.  He appears to be kindly tracking the subversion commits
reasonably regularly.  I had planned to do this but I am having problems
with git-svn on Windows.]


The library currently passes all the bigdecimal rubyspecs after some tweaks.
These tweaks are currently tracked in my rubyspec fork also on GitHub at:
http://github.com/petebacondarwin/rubyspec/network/.  It would be great if I
could get these changes pulled into the standard repository.  So far my pull
requests have been ignored.  Perhaps if I can get them into the ironruby or
jimdeville forks then they will make it into the rubyspec one at some point?


I will do a little work on the documentation and obvious bug and
optimizations before I submit it to the subversion repository.  I am keen to
get some feedback, criticism and suggestions.  I am no computer scientist
and so the implementation, though following reasonably closely to the C
implementation, are likely to have plenty of room for improvement.


It would be great if someone could do a review of the code and let me know
what needs work.  Please get in touch if you want any explanations of what
is going on.




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