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Thu Aug 28 00:15:45 EDT 2008

John Lam (IRONRUBY) wrote:
> Why is MySql so important? Why not Postgres or SQL Server?
> Even more to the point - why relational databases at all - especially 
> for Web 2.0 style applications? Certainly none of the big boys (Google, 
> Amazon, eBay, Yahoo etc.) use relational databases on their user-facing 
> high-volume properties.
> Thanks,
> -John

In my company, an electronic publishing organization, we are moving to 
MarkLogic, an XML Native database (or contentbase, as MarkLogic prefers 
calling it). After working with it for a few months, we are certainly 
not going back to any relational dbs, be it Oracle or SQL Server. With 
that in mind, John, would you please look at the thread called "IronRuby 
and MarkLogic" (last updated by me 32 days ago) when you have a chance 
and check out why John Messerly's patch was not kept in the latest 

Meanwhile, I switched to using IronPython for my MarkLogic development 
since it works just fine...but it would be great if I could use 
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