[Ironruby-core] IronRuby Deployment Scenerio in Future...

John Lam (IRONRUBY) jflam at microsoft.com
Wed Aug 27 12:26:54 EDT 2008

Why is MySql so important? Why not Postgres or SQL Server?

Even more to the point - why relational databases at all - especially for Web 2.0 style applications? Certainly none of the big boys (Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo etc.) use relational databases on their user-facing high-volume properties.


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> IronRuby ( IIS7 ) + MySql would be more effective that's what i feel.
> Best of both the world as you can say.

As per one of the thread here (few months back, as answered by John
Lam), few microsoft folks were already working on MySql adapter. I
think, they should have progressed much better with this MySql adapter
by now.
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